Stand for those most at risk from climate change

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We’re connecting communities to climate-smart, sustainable energy, powering agriculture, schools, and health clinics, improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

Ask Alok Sharma to increase the UK’s funding to help the world’s most affected people cope with climate change

Mercy Corps works with people living in some of the most precarious places in the world, where poverty, conflict, COVID-19 and climate change collide. These communities are already living with the devastating effects of climate change, and they do not have the resources to cope with or recover from climate threats. 

Not nearly enough money is invested in 'adaptation' to help communities cope with the impacts of climate change - even less so in countries affected by conflict. Global leaders signed a pledge in 2010 to provide $100 billion per year for climate programmes by 2020. In 2019, only 25% was spent on adaptation programmes and a fraction of this was spent in fragile countries. It is crucial that we invest now to save future costs.  

We are calling for greater and more effective investment in climate programmes targeted at people most at risk, particularly those affected by both climate change and conflict. 

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Sign our petition to tell Alok Sharma, President Elect to COP26, to meet the UK's fair share of climate finance commitments. Tell him to increase the UK's annual contribution to international climate finance from £2.9 to £3.8 billion annually and make sure at least 50% of it is spent on climate adaptation for the most affected.