Mercy Corps Statement on United Nations Security Council Renewal of Syria Cross-Border Resolution

09 January 2023

The United Nations Security Council reauthorized the cross-border resolution in Syria, allowing one border crossing, in Bab al Hawa.

Nicole Hark, Mercy Corps Deputy Country Director for Syria, says:

“Today’s six-month renewal of the cross-border resolution in Syria through the Bab al-Hawa crossing brings relief. This renewal by the U.N. Security Council is crucial to ensure Syrians living in the Northwest have access to food, medicine and other basic services.”

“Across northern Syria, needs are growing and life is becoming increasingly unaffordable due to several compounded crises. The ongoing conflict, rising cholera cases, currency inflation, and increasing food and fuel prices are compounding humanitarian needs for the 4.4 million people living in the region who rely on the Bab al-Hawa crossing for assistance.”

“As humanitarian needs will continue – and likely increase in the next six months– we encourage the Security Council to return to a year-long authorization. The negotiations to renew it every six months are burdensome and a distraction for humanitarian actors who should be focused on saving lives in northern Syria.”

Throughout northwest Syria, Mercy Corps supports water, sanitation, hygiene and shelter needs in displacement camps, provides cash assistance and livelihood support, and works to improve food security. Humanitarian needs in Syria increased over the last year, with 15.3 million people in need of assistance in 2023.