Mercy Corps to Temporarily Suspend Programs in Afghanistan

26 December 2022

Mercy Corps has taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our activities in Afghanistan while we seek clarity, along with other national and international non-governmental organizations, on the recent edict barring women from working in NGOs. 

Our female team members play a vital and necessary role in our delivery of services to the people of Afghanistan. Without female staff, we cannot effectively deliver humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable populations and will be unable to reach women and girls - who are the most vulnerable in a country that has the highest number of people in emergency food insecurity in the world. Nearly 20 million Afghans - almost half the population of the country - are facing acute hunger. 

Mercy Corps is committed to working with NGOs, the UN and all relevant stakeholders to ensure this situation is resolved so that we are able to return to supporting Afghans across society, helping them meet urgent needs, rebuild livelihoods and create a more peaceful future. 

Mercy Corps has worked in Afghanistan since 1986, partnering with communities to improve the quality of life for Afghans, from improved sanitation services to agriculture and vocational training. In 2020, we reached more than 370,000 people across the country.