The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance

Mercy Corps is proud to be a member of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, a partnership of nine organisations from both the public and private sectors with a shared vision: to prevent floods from devastating the lives of the world's most vulnerable people. The ZFRA was created by Zurich Insurance, with funding from the Zurich Z Foundation.  

Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance logo

We have set ambitious goals, and have made the following commitments:

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Commitments and Recommendations to the UN Climate Action Summit

Saving Lives and Livelihoods: The Urgent Need to Invest in Flood Resilience 

Generating Multiple Disaster Resilience dividends

Bridging the Gap: Lessons learned from Cyclones Idai and Kenneth

Avoiding a Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and flooding in Nepal

Our Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance partners