Employee Engagement

Mercy corps employee speaks to classroom

Not only does Mercy Corps identify the changemakers in the communities where we work, we also partner with changemakers around the world – selecting businesses and organisations with a similar vision to help create transformational change.

Mercy Corps offers a wide range of ways to involve your employees in your philanthropic efforts. Not only does employee engagement increase your company’s philanthropic footprint and impact, but also increases productivity and employee satisfaction. By creating a menu of opportunities to encourage your employees to fundraise, engage and advocate for change, we can build meaningful relationships that provide value to all parties while creating lasting impact for the vulnerable communities where we work.

Kaplan bakesale fundraiser at work for Mercy Corps

Employee Fundraising

You can build community and purpose across your entire workforce with an employee fundraising campaign. Mercy Corps’ online fundraising page makes it easy to find ideas to create a fundraiser. We provide easy to use tools and communication templates to help you conveniently and efficiently kick-off, maintain, and track a successful employee fundraising campaign.

A Mercy Corps employee stands next to a vehicle

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving offers organisations a way to meet philanthropy goals while providing a meaningful opportunity for employees to give. We can work with you to promote this internally. Why not promote a matching gift programme to your employees to support a cause together?


Live talk

Our webinars and live talks are a fantastic opportunity for your team to learn about our work first-hand from leading experts in the field. If there is a specific area of interest within your team, we will do our best to organise a live talk with one of our global experts to share insights and examples of what we do and how we do it to achieve impact.

A Mentor and an Entrepreneur participating in the MicroMentor programme

Mentor an entrepreneur through MicroMentor

One of Mercy Corps’ high impact global programmes is MicroMentor, an online mentoring platform that connects professionals with entrepreneurs across 93 countries. MicroMentor establishes business mentoring relationships making it easy for employees to share their skills and knowledge. You can learn more and sign up to become a mentor today!

A mercy corps team member delivers training

Skill sharing opportunities

At Mercy Corps, we recognise the value of volunteering and skill sharing across the whole partnership. We strive to ensure that our sharing opportunities are enjoyable and meaningful to both parties. We can offer tailored opportunities to skill share based on your organisation's interests and passion.