Coffee, Cocktails and Commutes: Scots are ‘Giving It Up’ for Mercy Corps During Lockdown

Edinburgh-based global organisation calls for pledges to support those affected by COVID-19 around the world 

Scots are donating the costs of activities and hobbies they’ve given up during lockdown to Edinburgh-based global organisation Mercy Corps, raising money to support those who may be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 across the world.

Mercy Corps team members have already pledged to give up the cost of their gym membership, morning coffees or Friday night pints to support those most in need in the 40 countries Mercy Corps works in, and are now inviting the Scottish public to join them in ‘Giving It Up’.

All proceeds will go to the COVID-19 Resilience Fund to help Mercy Corps’ frontline teams reach as many people as possible in over 40 countries where the organisation works.  

Michael McKean, Senior Director for Mercy Corps, says: 

“COVID-19 has been tough on everyone, and nearly the entire planet has been affected in some way. But, in places already facing conflict, poverty, and the effects of the climate crisis, the pandemic is making an already bad situation even worse. 

If you’re making a small saving from your weekly cinema trip, or pint with friends, or your daily commute, could you consider donating that to Mercy Corps? Your small saving could be life-saving and make a huge impact on the lives of those worst hit by COVID-19.” 

Anyone can donate to Mercy Corps’ efforts to provide emergency support to vulnerable families and communities during this crisis and beyond.