Water, sanitation, and hygiene

Woman in niger carrying water

Access to clean water is at the centre of many of our projects across the world. From improving healthcare infrastructure, to helping farmers take their businesses to the next level, to caring for refugees who are escaping violence, we can’t do our work without clean water.

Too many people around the world are going without water because of challenges like violence and drought. Farmers, communities, and families alike are suffering the consequences of going without clean water, like waterborne diseases affecting their families’ health, their livestock dying of dehydration, and being unable to water the crops that feed their families.

  • 835k

    Congolese we've provided with clean drinking water since 2013
  • 173k

    Syrian and Lebanese people who accessed clean water & sanitation last year
  • 74k

    South Sudanese we've provided with lifesaving water and hygiene materials
  • 600k

    Yemeni people in Aden we provided with lifesaving access to water


That’s why we work with local governments and community groups to rebuild water infrastructure, rehabilitate water facilities in schools and hospitals and more. We bring water to areas that are in crisis. We are helping increase water and energy infrastructure to bring better water and sanitation facilities to schools and other community institutions in need. 

Our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene programmes, commonly referred to as WASH, help increase water and sanitation infrastructure in over 20 countries all over the world. In 2017, we helped over 4.8 million people improve their access to clean water. 

So much of our work starts with clean water. It helps communities grow and reach their fullest potential. When everyone has access to clean water and optimal hygiene and sanitation services, they can work toward improving their livelihoods and communities. 

For more technical details on our water, sanitation, and hygiene programmes, please download our capacity statement document.