What we do

A mercy corps staff member crouches to speak to a group of people sitting down.
People in DRC share stories of fleeing their homes to seek safety. They have connected with Mercy Corps to receive cash assistance, so they can meet their urgent needs.

We work alongside communities to build a more resilient, inclusive future for everyone to share.

At Mercy Corps, we seek solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. To take on the consequences of conflict and climate change, we bring together bold ideas and the lived experience of people who know their communities best—scaling what works to achieve lasting, transformational change. 

We connect people across the globe to clean water, nutritious food, better economic opportunities, and more peaceful tomorrows—all critical to unlocking the power of human potential and strengthening communities to better cope during crises, adapt to evolving challenges, and thrive into the future.

Lasting change starts with meaningful impact

A group of young people receive clean water.

Improving clean water access

Access to clean and safe water is a human right. We provide lifesaving support in the midst of emergencies and collaborate with local organizations to implement long-term solutions that improve water access, sanitation, and conservation. When we help ensure communities have these basic life necessities, people are better able to meet their everyday needs and take on what’s next.

A farmer poses in their maize field.

Growing food solutions

All people deserve to have reliable access to healthy and nutritious foods. In times of crisis, we deliver cash aid to households so they can quickly meet their basic food needs. Our teams also help people cultivate strength and stability—by supporting farming communities with adaptive methods to grow resilient crops and preserve land in the face of climate change.

Nepalese woman at sewing machine.

Building economic opportunity

A brighter future is possible when everyone has the ability to establish sustainable livelihoods and make dignified choices. We connect buyers and sellers to the market opportunities that power a flourishing local economy, and we support people as they break barriers, develop business skills, unlock financial resources, and forge a path forward.

Ugandan community members dance.

Uniting for peaceful tomorrows

Conflict and violence threaten the positive change communities work toward, and our programming makes every effort to reduce these risks. That’s why we organize dialogues and grow civic engagement—so people are better able to shape the decisions that affect their lives. By sharing our support, communities are building good governance and peace—one conversation at a time.

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