Pathway to Possibility

Aerial view of village in uganda.
In Bidi Bidi, Uganda, South Sudanese refugees fleeing continued conflict are welcomed at this Mercy Corps-supported refugee settlement where they are adapting to their new country with livelihood training and savings and loans groups.

July 19, 2022

Our 10-year strategy – Mercy Corps’ Pathway to Possibility – reflects our ambitions to not only meet the basic needs of communities affected by conflict and climate change, but to achieve lasting, transformational change at scale. 

The Pathway tells the story of who we are, what we do, why we do it, and how we center the needs and aspirations of our partner communities in all we do. A better world is possible. And this is how we get there.

Inclusive, resilient communities

Our mission – Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping build secure, productive, and just communities – is as strong as ever and has not changed. Our vision statement puts communities at the center of our work and places a stronger emphasis on climate change than in the past. It states that: We support communities – and the most marginalized within them – to emerge from crisis and build towards a more inclusive, resilient future.

Enhancing resilience is at the heart of what Mercy Corps does and how we work. Resilience means that people and systems can protect and improve wellbeing in the face of shocks and stresses. Mercy Corps strengthens sources of resilience to enhance the capacities of people, markets, and institutions to handle shocks, reduce risk, build more equitable and responsive systems, and improve wellbeing. Through our programs, partnerships, and influence, we support communities to cope, adapt, and ultimately thrive.

Conflict and climate change

Extreme poverty is on the rise for the first time in two decades, and violent conflict is currently at a 30- year high. We are facing a global climate emergency – a crisis that is most felt by the communities that have least contributed to it. Without a new course of action, conflict and climate change will continue to drive rising hunger, water shortages, loss of incomes, violence, and displacement over the next decade.


We work towards four connected and reinforcing outcomes that determine people’s wellbeing and support them to cope, adapt, and thrive:

  1. Food Security: People are well-nourished at all times, with access to sustainably produced, safe, and nutritious food.
  2. Water Security: People have equitable and sustained access to clean and safe water to meet their everyday needs.
  3. Economic Opportunities: People grow and sustain their assets and income.
  4. Peace and Good Governance: People reduce or prevent violence, contribute to advancing sustainable peace, and participate meaningfully in inclusive and responsive governance systems.


These five commitments underpin all that we do – regardless of programming interventions or context – and challenge us to be more accountable and to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible:

  1. Climate Smart: We take bold action to meet the urgency of the climate crisis.
  2. Evidence Driven: We use data, evidence, and analytics to drive impact, scale what works, and influence others.
  3. Innovative and Creative: We innovate and work with change-makers to test, co-create, and scale more effective solutions.
  4. Locally Led: We are intentional about sharing and ceding power, building meaningful partnerships, and centering communities' voices in all we do.
  5. Safe, Diverse, and Inclusive: We help create a culture of inclusion for all people that protects, enables, and elevates diverse community members and groups.

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Further explanation of Mercy Corps Pathway to Possibility can be found by downloading these accompanying documents:

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Pathway to Food Security ▸
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Pathway to Water Security ▸
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Pathway to Economic Opportunity ▸
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Pathway to Peace and Good Governance ▸
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Companion Document - Resilience Framework ▸
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Companion Document - Humanitarian Response Approach ▸
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