Stand in solidarity with our global community during COVID-19

We stand with all who are suffering and affected by COVID-19, in the UK and around the world.

We applaud the frontline workers who are putting their lives on the line every day in our towns in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and in the very many other places around the world affected by COVID-19.  

We know that the distress will not end for months to come - both at home and abroad. And so it is now, more than ever, that we must show solidarity with our global community.

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At a time when we are being asked to socially distance and socially isolate ourselves, we must seek out solutions to the crisis we all face, solutions that are local, global and shared. 

No one country can overcome COVID-19 on its own. There are many fragile and conflict-affected places around the world for whom this pandemic is just the latest in a long list of crises. If we only focus on ourselves, and do nothing to prevent the devastating impacts of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities, not only will lives be devastated but the virus will likely rebound on us again in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates that we are one global community, more interconnected than ever before. What affects one, affects all.

As we fight the virus on our doorsteps, we will continue to keep the most vulnerable communities around the world in our sights and in our hearts, so that we may all come through this together.

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